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Posted 08.11.11
1980 GMC 4905 Coach Conversion Bus (Stock# 3265)

Body Type: Coach Conversion Bus

1980 GMC 4905 Coach Conversion Bus:
  • 1980 GMC RV Bus,
  • 40 feet long and 8 feet wide.
  • Thirty amps will run one air conditioner, but if you hook it up to fifty amps
    you can run the two air conditioners and the microwave at the same time
    or the two airs and the electric water heater.
  • Cruise control works well.
  • Rear Bay(access on left side of bus): There is a 100 gal. “black” water
    tank, 100 gal. “gray” water tank and 120 gal. “fresh” drinking water tank.
    The 20 gal hot water heater is a residential-type. Keep unplugged if no
    water is in the unit or the elements will burn out.
  • The front air conditioner is a heat pump and there is a 3-minute starting
    delay – as per unit specs. It works well down to 30 degrees, then it auto
    shuts off- as per unit specs. If you need heat after that, you'll need space
    heaters or ???.
  • Tires are good (approx. 3OK miles since new).
  • The engine is good and has no concerns at this time. Use straight 40wt oil
  • The 6.5k Generator will run everything at once.
  • It has an automatic leveling system on the bus air bags. Generator was
    $6,000 & Leveling system was $4,000 by themselves.
  • Generator burns approx. 1/2 gal/hr.
  • Everything works, except: The over the road air - which has an electrical
    short in it someplace - relay/switch? I think the compressor electric clutch
    is faulty?.

Price: $29,900.00


Buses Available for Showing by Appointment Only

Location: Springfield, PA

Contact Person: Tom

Phone:  877.BUS.SALES
Fax: Fax: 610-544-6907

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